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Blue Mountains Website Design

We build Blue Mountains website designs
right here in Blaxland.


Located in Blaxland in the Blue Mountains, we are a full-service Blue Mountains website design and development agency specialising in hand-crafted responsive web design solutions, as well as bespoke web development, secure online shops, SEO services, online marketing solutions and superior hosting.

Established in 2000 in Katoomba, we are trusted by many businesses through-out the Blue Mountains and the greater Sydney region. Clients choose to work with us because we understand local businesses needs, we are experienced at building Blue Mountains websites, we're innovative and all of our services and support are 100% located in Australia.

Twice the Service!

In 2016 we merged with Sydney web design agency, Jimmyweb. We now have talented people in two great locations. Together we provide web design and development services in Blaxland, the Blue Mountains and Sydney, as well as having served clients from all across Australia.

Learn more about us and our culture.


Mobile Friendly Responsive Design.

On April 21st 2015, Google changed their search algorithm to rank responsive designed websites higher than sites that aren't responsive. This is great for visitors to websites, as it forces website owners to improve the usability of their website across all devices.

We can help you to reach more customers with a website designed to work on all devices.

Our Services.

Website Design.

Blue Mountains Web Design

Make a memorable impression with a new modern website design built on Joomla or Wordpress. We create unique, affordable websites that will help you grow your business.

Travel Website Design.

Travel Website Design

We possess a considerable degree of experience in building websites for the Blue Mountains travel and tourism industries. Find out how we can help your buisness reach more vsitors.


eCommerce Website Design

We build beautiful looking online shops (built on the Shopify platform) that are very easy to manage. We focus on creating designs that help you sell products.

Web Development.

Web Development

We build custom websites and web applications and can also offer overflow web development services to help you get the best result from your next web development project.


Search Engine Marketing

We can help you get more traffic to your website and convert more visitors with our ethical Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing solutions.

Website Hosting.

Blue Mountains Website Hosting

Whether you're launching your new website or application, or just looking for rock-solid, lightning fast, secure Web Hosting, we've got you and your hosting needs covered.

Two great locations.

Jimmyweb Blue Mountains
Shop 4, 156 Great Western Highway
Blaxland, NSW 2774
Phone: 02 4739 8118
Jimmyweb Sydney Web Design
Suite 607, 83 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 8005 1075
Tech Support: 02 4739 8118

Blue Mountains web design.

We're a team of web specialists in the Blue Mountains that turn ideas into websites, and websites into online businesses. Our office is in Blaxland, but we work with clients from all over, across a variety of industries.

We're obsessed with creating standards compliant, search friendly websites that get attention, drive traffic, generate leads and increase sales. As a boutique agency, we're known for being down-to-earth and straight-talking, our fresh creativity and dedicated professionalism.

Get in touch with us today to talk about your project.

Two great locations.

Jimmyweb Blue Mountains
Shop 4, 156 Great Western Highway
Blaxland, NSW 2774
Phone: 02 4739 8118

Jimmyweb Sydney
Suite 607, 83 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 8005 1075

Technical Support: 02 4739 8118

Some of our clients.

Blue Mountains Getaways
Luxury Lodges of Australia
Blue Mountains Network
The Louise
Capella Lodge
House of Cannon
Tessuti Fabrics
Tessuti Online Shop
Guanta Boutique
Longitude 131
Milk and Thistle
Southern Ocean Lodge
Cruise Croatia
Leisure Inn
Adelaide Luxury Beach House
Metro Hotels
She Shops 365
Admiralty Apartments Lord Howe Island
Artsup Artists Supplies
Park Regis
Love Handbags
Lagoon Landing Lord Howe Island
Special Delivery Company
View Portfolio
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